What does velocity mean in Factor and how is it calculated?


Velocity is a universal measure of activity. Since Factor is generally where growth is managed, this is a good leading indicator of future growth. 

How does the velocity calculation work?

The numbers represent the weekly sum of any activity of everyone within the given row.

Reading news or navigating around Factor does not count toward velocity. What does count is anything that could reasonably be thought of as pushing progress forward on a given priority. For example, the following activity all counts toward velocity:

  • Creating a new card or stack
  • Moving a card
  • Adding a post
  • Adding an emoji
  • Creating a new field
  • Assigning an existing field to a stack
  • Adding or changing a field value

The unit of time for velocity is one week. The week starts and ends on Sunday.

Note: The velocity from mirrored cards and stacks only count for the workspace where they were created.

Can I break down velocity any further?

Besides breaking down velocity by individual, reporting line, and workspace, you can also break down velocity by app:

  • Stacks (i.e., Board)
  • Health
  • Skills

All velocity counts toward the app where it originated. No velocity is double-counted by app. In other words, the Total column is a sum of all velocity across Stacks + Health + Skills velocity.

For example, if you just did a Health Check and added a bunch of comments, then all of those comments would be reflected in your workspace's Health velocity.