Health Checks improve performance culture in ways that engagement surveys never could

Health Checks change culture. Engagement surveys only measure it.

Thanks to the state of the art in motivation science and artifical intelligence, Factor Health Checks can mobilize culture change throughout every corner of your organization..

Learn more.

Health Checks are done right in a team meeting.

Unlike culture surveys, Health Checks create instant impact with less effort. To get ready:

1.Set up a 90-minute quarterly Health Check meeting with your team. Ask them to bring their computers to the meeting. Learn how.

2.Ask your team to register for Factor and complete their personal work diagnostic prior to the meeting. Learn how.

3.Create a workspace in Factor for your team. This is where they will complete the Health Check survey. Learn how.

Use the first 10 minutes of your Health Check meeting for the team to quietly complete the Health Check survey.

You can find the brief survey in the Health application of your team’s workspace in Factor. Be honest, but don’t overthink. You can see the whole survey below.

Use the next 30 minutes of your Health Check meeting to review the results for your team.

The easiest thing to do is read the report out loud and follow the instructions.

Use the rest of your Health Check meeting to build a plan and commit to concrete next steps.


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