Our mission: Every person works in a motivating job by 2050.

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Our team

We’re a team of builders and performance expert who share two things in common: an idealist view of what’s possible for the future of work, and a pragmatic approach to making it happen.


To build the future we want, we have to make it easy and cheap to adopt the science of performance. Our Engineering team translates human insights into amazing, AI-powered, tools that every leader can use to drive high performance.

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At first we shape our systems. Thereafter, our systems shape us. Our consultants and executive coaches are the world's leading experts in building performance operating systems in organizations.

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Product's mission is to translate the science of performance into the next generation of leadership tools. Our Product Leaders spend the vast majority of their time helping our clients drive performance and motivation using Factor. This helps us develop the insights that led to an incredibly impactful performance platform.

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Our Research team's mission is to make the science of performance common knowledge. We are constantly extending the theory laid out in our bestseller Primed to Perform through articles, white-papers, blogs, speaking events, webinars, and podcasts.

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What we believe

Humanity is at a crossroads. Down one path lies a world of haves and have-nots, where few are able to participate in the post-AI economy. Down the other lies the golden age of work, where AI is democratized, drudgery no longer exists, and every person can find meaning and dignity doing interesting work. Factor and Vega exist to nudge humanity down the second path.

Factor is the first collaboration platform built from the ground up based on the science of performance. Powered by AI, Factor provides leaders with a complete toolkit for driving teams with velocity, intensity, and purpose.

Our international best-seller Primed to Perform has transformed how thousands of leaders approach their role. Our thought leadership is always grounded in science and real-world examples - which is why it's always evolving.

It will take a massive coalition to usher humanity into the golden age of work. We seek out and collaborate with like-minded people who understand the current moment, with its incredible stakes and limitless potential.

As an organization, Vega Factor operates on the cutting edge of performance science. We have been using skills-based compensation to fairly pay our people since our founding; we are constantly iterating our structures, rhythms, and processes to extend and incorporate our latest research; and we use our own AI-powered tools every day to ensure that we are staying on-path toward the golden age of work.