Use AI to build high-performing cultures in every team

Through problem solving, goals, skills, and motivation.
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"Factor is like brain augmentation. It's how we launch faster, with greater excellence, even when it's our most challenging launch yet. It's the place where strategy is happening and coming alive."

Shalinee Sharma

"Vega Factor's approach to culture change and motivation is the most effective and pragmatic model out there."

Kristen Ballinger Baldwin
Chief People Officer
Selecta Biosciences

"Tomo is my kind of heresy. It explains why things I have intuitively felt are the "culture first" way actually work - and Vega Factor does it with such compelling research and science that even skeptics are convinced."

Didier Elzinga
Culture Amp

"Vega Factor has helped us dramatically improve our adaptive performance through their experimentation and skill building programs. And our tomo has gone through the roof."

Casey Crawford
Movement Mortgage

"A fresh, ambitious look at the science and practice of motivation, with big implications for leaders to fuel high-performing, high-energy cultures."

Adam Grant
Bestselling author of Give and Take

Factor AI transforms goals into problems to solve so your teams work smarter, not just harder.

Factor’s AI-powered Skill Checks make it easy to give colleagues incredible career growth.

Factor’s Health Checks are like having an expert performance coach in every team in your company.