Why should my team use Health Checks?


A Health Checks is a 90-minute team exercise designed to help your team create an inspiring, high-performance culture. We recommend your team take one every quarter and then decide on small actions you can take to improve as a team.

What makes Health Checks special?

Health Checks are built on the science of total motivation. They measure how motivated a team is feeling about the weeks ahead and nudge the team to make small adjustments that improve motivation and the odds of success.

Think of the Health Check like your fuel gauge. The goal is not to be perfect all the time; it’s to recognize when you’re running low on fuel and need to refill the tank. Great teams find small ways to improve all the time. Our hope is that you will try one small thing every six weeks or so to become a more inspiring and impactful team.

As a leader, it’s important to share with your people that your goal is not to maximize your motivation. It’s to have an honest discussion. Motivation will fluctuate over time, and that’s normal! Even the healthiest teams have dips in motivation.