How do I use and manage stacks in Factor?


What is a stack?

The central metaphor of Factor is "stacks" of "cards" on a "board". Think of a stack as a flexible container for any set of information that you want to organize. A stack can represent a problem to solve, a strategic priority, a step in a process flow, a bucket of ideas for content, or anything else you might find useful.

How do I create a stack?

To create a stack:

  1. Click on the workspace where you would like to add it
  2. Click “Board” below the workspace name to land in the Board app
  3. If the workspace has no stacks yet, there will be a big “Add stack” button in the main area of the page, right under the column label “Priorities”. Click into this area, type out a name for the stack, and hit enter on your keyboard. The stack will pop into place. Also, the stack’s side panel will pop up on the right. The side panel is where you manage the stack’s data and content.

  1. If the workspace already has a stack in it, close any open side panels by clicking the X near the top left of the side panel. Then, click the “New stack” button at the top right of the page.

  1. A new stack will show up on the board, and a new right panel will pop up. Type in the name of the stack and hit enter.

How do I change the owners of a stack?

Stacks can have owners. The owners of a stack are typically the people responsible for making sure that the stack is executed properly. Stack owners are notified any time an update is made to the stack. Therefore, if there’s someone who will want to stay informed on the stack, it can be helpful to make them an owner.

To make someone an owner of a stack:

  1. Click on the stack to open its side panel.
  2. Click on the “Fields” tab. Here you can edit information relating to the stack, including its owners.
  3. Owners” is the first field in the tab. Click into this section, search the name of the colleague you want to make an owner, and click their name to add them to the list.

  1. Repeat for as many colleagues as you’d like to make owners of the stack.
  2. To remove someone as an owner, click the X on the right side of the chip with their name.