How can I get the most out of Health Checks?


There are a few measures you can take to ensure a productive Health Check discussion. See below for details.

How often should my team do a Health Check?

You control your own timeline.  A leader (or any team member) can start a Health Check. We recommend that you schedule a 90-minute meeting every quarter for the express purpose of conducting a team Health Check.

Who should take a Health Check? 

Anyone who is a member of a workspace where a Health Check has been set up will be invited to complete a Health Check once it has been triggered. That should typically include any full-time or part-time employees, full-time or part-time temps, and interns. If there is someone else you'd like to include, add them to the workspace and they will be able to complete the Health Check. If you're unsure whether a given person should be included due to concerns around privacy (e.g., a third party consultant), ask your manager, HR, or People Ops leader for advice.

When should team members do their Health Check?

Every member of the team should complete their Health Check during the team meeting that the leader has scheduled for this express purpose.

How long should the Health Check take?

Team members should take about 10 minutes to complete their Health Check, 30 minutes discussing the results, and the rest brainstorming and determining one improvement to make as a team.

How I have a great team discussion? What are some quick wins? 

The best way to have a great team Health Check discussion is for the leader to read the Health Check report aloud in its entirety and lead discussion in places that it is prompted. You can ask for clarifications, further input, and thoughts from team members to enrich the conversation.

Before starting, remind the team a few things:

  1. The goal here is not to be perfect. It's to be honest so that we can improve.
  2. We're all on the same team here. Literally.
  3. This conversation is successful as long as we align on one concrete thing we can do to improve as a team.

When done reading the report, scroll to the very bottom and click “LAST STEP: BUILD A PLAN”. From there, follow the instructions, which will lead you to pick one experiment that you and your team can try to improve your motivation and performance.

Will there be organization-wide actions as a result of Health Checks? 

Health Checks are designed for teams to prioritize what they want to work on. That said, it is common for organizations to look for trends in Health Checks and think about what they can do to improve at a systemic level.