Yahor Filipchyk

Back-end Engineering
Yahor is a service platform agent based in New York. He moved to the US from Belarus looking for exciting opportunities and found one in Vega Factor. He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Software Engineering from Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio-electronics. In his spare time, he plays with new software development and testing tools and reads about economics and political philosophy. He also loves spending time with his cat.
Core strengths:
Enrapturing any audience with insight
Making big, scary ideas feel fun, light, and inspiring
Breaking even the coldest of ice with heartfelt goofiness
Core strengths:
Finding the needle of insight in a haystack of data
Fostering harmony in diverse groups of highly skilled people
Braveheart-style inspirational speeches
Core strengths:
Making complex ideas concrete and digestible
Creating environments where people can speak the hard truth without fear
Always finding the perfect sports metaphor
Core strengths:
Cultivating ideation and strategic thinking
Developing trusting, inclusive, and collaborative teams
Able to tolerate and out-wait long pauses motivating group participation or discussion contributions
Core strengths:
Unlocking creativity through structured thinking
Bridging communication gaps
Figuring out exactly what type of nerd you are and running with it

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