Kelly Donovan

Head of Quality Assurance
Kelly is the Head of QA (Quality Assurance) engineer based in New York. She received a Bachelor of Science from City College of New York with a major in computer science. When Kelly is not busy ensuring the proper functionality of our technology, she loves taking long walks to discover new things around the city, catching a game of her favorite baseball team (The Mets) and hanging out with her cats: Truly, Monte, Sassy and Beau.
Core strengths:
Enrapturing any audience with insight
Making big, scary ideas feel fun, light, and inspiring
Breaking even the coldest of ice with heartfelt goofiness
Core strengths:
Finding the needle of insight in a haystack of data
Fostering harmony in diverse groups of highly skilled people
Braveheart-style inspirational speeches
Core strengths:
Making complex ideas concrete and digestible
Creating environments where people can speak the hard truth without fear
Always finding the perfect sports metaphor
Core strengths:
Cultivating ideation and strategic thinking
Developing trusting, inclusive, and collaborative teams
Able to tolerate and out-wait long pauses motivating group participation or discussion contributions
Core strengths:
Unlocking creativity through structured thinking
Bridging communication gaps
Figuring out exactly what type of nerd you are and running with it

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