How do I request endorsement for a completed skill goal?


Once you have been focusing on a skill for some time, you may reach a moment when you can practice it consistently and independently at a high level. If this is the case, then you’ve reached fluency in the skill and are ready to be endorsed. Getting a skill endorsed acknowledges your learning and signals to your colleagues that they can come to you for support on that skill if they want to learn it or if they might want someone with that skill to help on a project.

To request endorsement, click on the skill’s 3-dot menu and click “Request endorsement”. You will be asked to review the skill, your goal, and your portfolio of work. This last point is key. The people endorsing you for your skill - i.e., your manager and any experts they consult - can only endorse you if there is evidence to demonstrate your fluency. This is why it is important to use cards to collect examples while you are learning. If you don’t have a portfolio of work to demonstrate your skill, then talk to your manager and put together a plan for collecting artifacts of your skill in action.